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Narelle in summary


Narelle italk

2010    Masters of Forensic Mental Health, University of NSW, Sydney

2004    Masters of Adolescent Mental Health, NSW Institute of Psychiatry, Sydney

2002    Bachelor of Social Work, Australian Catholic University, Canberra

2000    Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health & Welfare, Melbourne University, Melbourne 

2013    Certificate IV Training and Assessment, Plenty Training


2020 based in Launceston, Tasmania, I am a highly experienced and uniquely qualified clinician, trainer and manager, with a background in providing effective strategies to improve both organisational and client outcomes.   Exceptional written skills including report writing, policy papers, legal and forensic Court reports.

Experienced at delivering results in a fast paced, dynamic and challenging environment where self management is essential, I am a team player but not able to be micro managed!

I deliver client, patient, organisational and financial results, underpinned by a robust ability to motivate and mange clents, patients and employees with wellbeing at the forefront of everyday practice.

I am a highly experienced and uniquely qualified practitioner, trainer and manager, with a background in providing effective professional; development and training, clinical services, case management and strategies to improve both client and organisational outcomes.  I own my own mental health business and have experience in the International peak health organisation (WHO) and both Commonwealth and State governments. Over 20 years Clinical experience in relation to people with mental illness and drug and alcohol issues.

Outstanding post-graduate qualifications (including a Masters of Adolescent Mental Health  a Masters of Forensic Mental Health ie a combination of law and psychiatry) in addition to a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I have a wealth of clinical expertise including mental health assessments in the NSW Children’s Court diverting young people under the relevant legislation from the criminal justice system to the health care system.  Narelle has worked both as a clinician on the Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (CATT) in Canberra and as a Case Manager, most recently (July/ August 2019) Narelle was the Senior Youth Clinician in remote Port Hedland WA.

Narelle is passionate about training and in 2013 took up the role of the ACT Coordinator of MindMatters, the highly regarded Commonwealth funded mental health professional development program for High School teachers. In 2014, Narelle decided to combine these 2 areas of skill and passion and launch “i talk mental health”.  Narelle has trained over 3000 teachers in the ACT alone and her PD’s are often sold out.  

Narelle is able to travel nationally and internationally to deliver training.


Narelle has presented twilight session sand workshops to St Francis Xavier College staff and parents- on personal wellbeing, adolescent mental health and parenting adolescents. Her no nonsense and down-to-earth style of presentation has been engaging and informative.  Narelle’s vast experience in the area of mental health and adolescent issues provides a sound basis from which she is able to answer questions and provide expert information to those attending her workshops or PD.  We would absolutely recommend Narelle’s PD to any school wanting to increase their knowledge of adolescent mental health and teacher wellbeing”.

                                                            Angus Tully (Principal) & Susan Sturgiss (AP, Student Wellbeing)  

St Frances Xavier College Canberra, ACT


Narelle was recruited to a very competitive position based on her impressive academic qualifications and extensive experience in both clinical work and past policy/ management experience. Narelle took the lead in developing the training package and produced an excellent report that will be used world wide.  I would certainly be happy to have her ongoing contribution to my team.” 

Dr Michelle Funk, Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse, World Health Organization, 2010 


Narelle is a professional in all senses of the word… she is a relaxed and knowledgeable presenter with a thorough understanding of the issues faced by at risk young people. She has had extensive experience and comfortably relates these experiences when presenting to a wide variety of audiences.

Mike Dent - Head Teacher Administration, Moruya High School,  NSW
Finally an engaging presenter! Narelle is an exciting, capable and skilful facilitator. Her style of presentation was very engaging as well as being interactive and comprehensive. Narelle had a dynamic approach to the subject which was reflected in the content of what was presented. The PD was informative as well as being an eye opener as to how students are affected by mental health problems. We were able to nut out new ideas so we can achieve better outcomes for students. I thought Narelle’s style of presentation was well paced and well delivered. Definitely food for thought!Annegret Schelb – Teacher, Merici College, Canberra, ACT