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Clinical Services & Counselling in Launceston, Tasmania (fees and Medicare rebates)


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Clinical services

This includes assessment; individual, couple and family counselling and group work, provision of Court and other reports. Narelle is passionate about early intervention and has identified a critical need for additional clinical services of a high standard in Launceston where she is now permanently based.

Walk and Talk                                                                                                                                                                          

This option suits people who prefer not to be in a clinical environment and want to discuss issues whilst walking.

Counselling over Coffee        

Another alternative for those wanting to discuss issues outside the clinical office. After the initial assessment, further sessions can be carried out in a Cafe, excellent for those with Social Phobia.

Fees and process

Clients with a Mental Health Care Plan

Narelle is an accredited Mental Health Social Worker which allows counselling sessions to be claimed under a Medicare rebate and in some cases bulk billed. for low income earners there is a affordable sliding scale fee for those who are employed which is discussed at the first session.  Narelle can provide up to 10 face-to-face sessions to individuals per calendar year for which clients can claim a rebate. Your rebate if you see Narelle for appointments is currently $74.80 per session.

You can elect to attend therapy sessions outside of the Medicare system (ie without a Care Plan and the process of GP visits, reports etc). You do not need a referral to attend in this case – simply contact me to discuss making an appointment.

Below are 4 key steps in order to be able to claim a rebate for sessions with Narelle.

1. Ask your GP (or a psychiatrist) for a referral letter and a Mental Health Care Plan prior to attending for counselling. The Care Plan is a simple document outlining some very basic background information about you and stating issues you are wanting help with (for example anxiety symptoms, depression etc).  The plan must specify the number of sessions your GP is recommending (usually 6).

2. Bring the referral letter and Care Plan when you attend for counselling.

3. After your first 6 sessions, Narelle is required to provide a written report to your GP. Reports are usually short and give general feedback on progress – they would not normally contain specific details of what you have been talking about in counselling sessions, that information remains confidential. Narelle is happy to discuss a draft of the report with you before sending it if you wish.

4. If you want to continue counselling after 6 sessions you need to re-visit your GP for a new referral letter before you can claim a rebate for a further 4 sessions making the total of 10. Narelle is required to provide another report to your GP.

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